Portfolio Restructuring

“Selling your winners and holding your losers is like cutting the flowers and watering the weeds.”   – Peter Lynch

We provide a comprehensive Portfolio Restructuring tool which uses both AI based tools (through Motilal Oswal) as well as our research on fundamentals and technical of stocks. We help you to rebalance your portfolio as per your risk profile and investment horizon. The main features of Portfolio Restructuring are:

Customized advice – Every client gets unique insights on portfolio based on his risk profile, time period for investment and current market situation.

Holistic View of the Portfolio – We suggest portfolio restructuring across all the asset class which includes equity, mutual funds, fixed investments and insurance.

Diversification – Provides a detailed analysis on the positive/negative areas of your portfolio along with highlighting the sectors, stocks or schemes having over/under diversification

Continuous Monitoring of Restructured Portfolio – Portfolio restructuring is the starting point for the investment journey, we help you to keep your portfolio in right shape by periodically reviewing it and making necessary asset rebalancing as per appropriate risk profile