Algo Trading

We at Money Compound are business associate with Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited, which is one of the top financial houses in India. We through Motilal Oswal provide Algo Trading which is completely rule based known as Trade Guide Signal (TGS).

TradeGuide Signal is an innovative trend guiding tool which automatically generates actionable Buy / Sell trading ideas for all asset classes – Equity, Currency and Commodity for differenttypes of traders i.e Positional, Intraday, Swing & Momentum. This is first-of-its-kind, artificially intelligentand predictive trading engine for traders that is powered by the combined strength of machine learning,cutting edge technology and deep industry insights.

TGS works on Rule Based trading strategies which makes use of advanced algorithms to back-test thepredictive power of the widest possible universe of trading variables. To make TGS perform exceptionallywell in different market conditions, we keep on back-testing the different scenarios on consistent basis.

Finding out Trading opportunities and acting on them in a timely manner requires immense efforts interms of tracking, analyzing and deciding. With a deluge of data and information flow it makes the taskeven more complicated and humongous.But now, with the all new TradeGuide Signal, your efforts stand out-sourced. All the data analysis anddecision making will be done at the fraction of a second by the system in an emotionless and disciplined manner, leaving you with the option to benefit from the trading opportunity at the click of a button. That’sRule Based Trading for you!